Why Don Juan Custom Boots?

For over 20 years, Master Bootmaker Juan Rodriguez and his team have dedicated themselves to making the best boot available using the highest quality materials using traditional boot making methods. Don Juan and the team specialize in making custom-measured, hand crafted, one-of-a-kind boots for men, women, businessmen and true cowboys across the Country. We do not compromise on quality and we do not compromise on customer satisfaction. Don Juan grew up in Mexico and studied in a local bootmaker’s shop, learning the skills used for decades in constructing high quality boots by hand that would last. Taking these skills to the next level, he learned the art of shaping the boot and providing his customers a boot that was as comfortable as it is durable and beautiful. The most striking part of our boots is actually what you do not see. The construction and high-quality components are what separates a Don Juan custom boot from the pack. Each part of the boot serves a purpose and Don Juan builds a boot with comfort and durability in mind. Our boots are made to order, allowing the customer full control on the exact details of their boot. We can help you with the selection of colors, styles, hides, heels and toes. We can add special touches such as stitching, monograms and specialty leather carving. Our boots styles are only limited by your imagination. Once you have selected your boots, we can also make a custom belt to complete the set. Best of all, all Don Juan boots are made in the U.S.A., right here in Texas. We support various law enforcement agencies around the Country to include the Texas DPS, US Marshals, and the Texas Rangers with their custom boot needs. We can custom fit you at the store or you can use our online guide to perfectly measure your foot for a true custom boot experience from home.

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Don Juan

Custom Stitching, school logos, & Hand-Carved Inlay available and priced upon request

When you are ready for the best boots you will ever own, fill out the custom boot order form below and we will contact you with a price and confirmation of final details and time to complete. This is your pair of custom cowboy boots, so please provide all the detail necessary so we can make them exactly how you want them. Review the section on “Custom Measure Instructions”.

Your custom boot order will begin once a 50% non-refundable deposit is provided.

Custom Measure Instructions

Here’s How to Take Measurements for Boots Read through these directions carefully- then follow them step by step.

  • 1. Sit down, crossing leg to be measured.
  • 2. Have measurements taken by another person, if possible.
  • 3. Take measurements exactly as shown in each illustration.
  • 4. Take up all slack in the measuring tape but do not pull tight.
  • 5. Take all foot measurements in boot socks.
  • 6. Take calf height and leg measurements over a bare leg.
  • 7. Cross other leg and repeat above steps.

Draw a proper outline of your foot- Read these directions carefully. Place a legal size manilla folder on the floor (legal size for larger feet) In your boot socks, place your foot on the piece of paper.

Stand with weight evenly distributed on both feet.

Have someone draw the outline of each foot holding the pencil straight up.

** Make sure the pencil is held straight up, especially when rounding the heel and toes.**

Cross your LEFT leg over your right knee: (reverse for right leg)

Ball: Place tape over ball on the inside of the boot. Pull firmly but not tightly straight across the little toe joint and on around the bottom of the foot.

Instep: Place tape over instep bone and straight around- just in front of bone on outside of foot

Heel: Place tape around base of heel- under ankle bone- on around over top of foot above instep.

Height of the boot: To measure the boot height, stand up and put your weight evenly on both feet. Measure either leg from floor to height you want the boots.

Leg Measurement at the top of the boot: Pass the tape around the leg at the height you want boots and enter the measurements for the left and right leg (may vary)

Let's order your custom boots.